The Jackson Parish Sports Hall of Fame was created from a vision held by Mr. Henry Kimp of a venue to recognize the  talent and sportsmanship that has been a hallmark of Jackson Parish.   The hall of fame recognizes athletes, coaches and administrators who have lived or worked in Jackson Parish and who have made a great impact in the arena of sports.  In 2008 the first meeting of a loosely formed board of the Jackson Parish Sports Hall of Fame was held in Bobby Culpepper’s office with Henry Kimp, Bobby Culpepper, Leslie Thompson, Nathaniel Belton and Raymond Jeffress present.  It was declared that the primary function of the Hall of Fame would be to create a memorial so that future generations can see the individuals and their accomplishments as they have represented Jackson Parish. In order to accomplish this goal there were formed some ideals that could be accomplished in due time.  First was to form a non-profit corporation that could be self-sustaining.  This corporation has aspirations to have a building to permanently display the honorees pictures and their accomplishments.  The corporation would like to have land on which to place a permanent facility that would be an asset to the parish where residents and others could visit.  There would be articles of incorporation and by-laws instituted to secure the efficient and perpetual operation of the hall of fame.  These articles of incorporation and by-laws would insure that there would be no individual, individuals or any external entities that would profit from the corporation.  There would be no paid positions with the hall and all monies donated or earned would be strictly for the furtherance of the corporation. From its humble beginnings in 2008 the Jackson Parish Sports Hall Of Fame hosted its inaugural inductee banquet Saturday, July 25, 2009 at the Jonesboro First Baptist Church Family Life Center.  The board members serving at that time were:  President, Henry Kimp; Vice-President, Bobby Culpepper; Chairman of Finance, Bishop Kelvin Stewart; Secretary-Treasurer, Angela Lee; Public Relations, Raymond ‘Doc’ Jeffress; Board Members, Ira Reeves, Leslie Thompson and Buster Cotton.  Even though four of these individuals have passed on, Ira Reeves -2012, Bobby Culpepper - 2015, Henry Kimp  - 2017, Raymond “Doc” Jeffress - 2018, the vision that these individuals held is being fulfilled today. The corporation is pleased to announce that we have a temporary home located on the grounds of the Jackson Parish Sports Complex.  We currently have the photos of all of the inductees along with a small amount of memorabilia.  The hours of operation are the same as the sports complex and it is necessary to go to the complex office to gain admission to the hall.  A complete copy of each years banquet program is included on this web site for your enjoyment. The corporation has tweaked and refined itself with the operations of the hall and it now has an expanded board of  nine members consisting of five officers and four additional board members.  Beginning at the 2011 banquet the hall began recognizing the outstanding male and female athlete from each school in the parish.  As you look at the Jackson Parish Sports Hall Of Fame inductees you will find a varied but well-accomplished group that has not only excelled in their sport careers but in life also.