DIANNE STEWART SELF graduated from Weston High School in 1965 where she was an excellent student and an outstanding defensive basketball player.  Half court basketball was still in play during her years of high school 1962 - 1965.  As a left-handed guard she broke up passes, blocked shots, had an excellent eye for timing the ball to create jump ball situations and she was a tremendous rebounder.  She also had a unique ability to steal the ball and make a quick pass up the court to the offensive players.  Dianne competed in four years of varsity basketball (9 - 12) and lettered all four years.  Some of her achievements include:  1963 - All Tournament - Sikes, Centerville; 1964 - All tournament  - Centerville, All District- 6C, All Regional - 2C, 1st Team All State; 1965 - Team Captain, All District - 6C, Most Valuable Player District - 6C, All Regional - 2C, 1st Team All State. Dianne was 5’ 11” tall and weighed (sopping wet) 125 pounds.  She was agile and yet powerful, an excellent ball-handler with good speed and a very intelligent ball player.  She would have had an opportunity to play college ball but girls basketball on the college and professional level did not exist at that time.